Kopakan Group has gained extensive experience to assist clients who may be new to the region, with valuable procurement services.  We have accounts with a large amount of local suppliers giving us significant purchasing power for essential and urgent items.

 We are a leading industrial Procurement Services business sourcing products from a range of domestic and international suppliers.

Our analytical specialists, working from many locations around the world, can help with vendor selection, equipment selection and sourcing and provide expert support during installation, commissioning and laboratory start-up.

Kopakan Group handles all aspects of the supply chain on oil and gas EPC projects, or as a stand-alone service. Our procurement experts manage contracts from request for quotation to contract closeout. This includes tender support, bid evaluation, supplier selection, and audits.

As part of our strategic sourcing solution, we can supplement our client’s procurement function with experienced manpower during periods of project peak work load.

Our procurement services for the oil and gas industry cover:

  • Inquiry/tender
  • Bid clarification and evaluation
  • Supplier and subcontractors prequalification, approval and monitoring
  • Follow-up/expediting/quay check
  • Transport, logistics, warehousing and handling of backload
  • Receipt of goods, invoice handling and reporting
  • Framework agreements, procurement strategy, budget and planning

We have a rapport with various OEM’s that enable us to respond to your enquiries very quickly. We direct source and expedite the goods using our people located geographically where the materials and equipment are manufactured.


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