WELL Completions

Kopakan Group has a wealth of experience in completion design, procedure preparation and installation supervision. The team has extensive experience with horizontal well technology, sand control, intelligent completions, artificial lift and subsea wells.

Commencing with conceptual engineering design input, Kopakan works closely with Clients and manufacturers to conduct detailed design, manage procurement and perform comprehensive QA inspection and testing.

Subsea Completions

  • Supervise design, manufacture and comprehensive QA testing (i.e.: control systems, flowline interfaces, permanent monitoring interfaces, installation and workover systems, flowline tie-in and testing, ROV interfaces and deployment and recovery of subsea wellhead and tree systems).
  • Manage the refurbishment, modification, testing and installation of used subsea trees in existing producing fields and new field developments.

Big Bore Gas Development

  • Previous experience: conceptual design, detailed engineering and implementation of extended reach platform and subsea gas wells (rates in excess of 380 MMSCFD).

Intelligent Completions

  • Kopakan’s comprehensive technical appraisal processes ensure optimal remote equipment selection, including but not limited to fully autonomous down hole components, traditional hydraulic controlled devices, wireless acoustic and EM completions and electrically activated components.

Horizontal and Multilateral Completions

  • Kopakan possesses the necessary specialists and track record to manage the increasingly complex demands of modern horizontal and multilateral wells.

Heavy Crude, Injection and Corrosion Management Strategies

  • The development of complex and challenging reservoirs is primarily a technology challenge, with the identification of cost effective fit-for-purpose completion techniques as a critical component.

Sand Control

  • With the ability to integrate geomechanical and petrophysical data into an operational sand face completion design, Kopakan can assist our Clients to identify risks and plan appropriately for future well interventions, thereby maintaining the focus on the our Client’s business drivers. Kopakan also actively encourages Clients to adopt a ‘life of well’ approach for evaluation, design, implementation and operability.

Artificial Lift in Completions

  • Artificial lift design is a core discipline for Kopakan. This includes all types of artificial lift including gas lift, ESPs, jet pumps and HSPs. Kopakan conducted the well completion and artificial lift concept selection, detailed design and implementation for a the Cliff Head offshore development in West Africa incorporating coiled tubing ESPs deployed from an unmanned platform.

Tubing Stress Analysis

  • Kopakan is able to perform triaxial tubing stress analysis for various load cases that may be experienced by a completion string during the full well life cycle. Landmark’s WellCAT software is routinely used for this work.

Alternative Well Applications

  • A range of alternative well applications, including requirements for coal bed methane, shale gas, geothermal, methane hydrate production and CO2 injection wells.
When intervention’s needed, Kopakan Group offers a variety of solutions designed to ensure maintenance is completed with minimum downtime. Our services in this area include:

  • Well diagnostics
  • Pump space check
  • Pressure-test tubing
  • Rod-string integrity check
  • Run/pull coiled and conventional sucker rod
  • Snub coiled rod/pump/rotor
  • Quick pump/rotor changes
  • Polish-rod changes
  • Installation of tubular for completions
  • Tubing solids flush
  • Ancillary fluids displacement
  • Solids bailing
  • Swabbing
  • Acid treatment for scale and mineralisation
  • Wire line operations assistance
  • Formation integrity testing (D.E.F.I.T Test)
  • Fishing jobs
  • Well killing and abandonment




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